Basic Info


Every two years, we take delegates from NEPOMAK’s eight member organisations to Cyprus for an action packed, week-long conference. 

NEPOMAK's next General conference will be held from 26-28 July 2015, in Nicosia. If you would like the chance to attend, contact your local NEPOMAK branch.


The aims of the conference


  1. Discuss and implement new activities and methods to engage young Cypriots in their home communities and to preserve our common history and culture.

  2. Be updated on the latest developments on the Cyprus issue from key decision-makers including the President of the Republic.

  3. Review NEPOMAK’s policy and strategic goals.

  4. Elect a new governing body for the organisation.

General Conference is a great opportunity not only to shape the direction of the organisation, but to make friends from across the world. The agenda has a great balance of seminars, interactive workshops and of course the opportunity to socialise with other delegates and experience some of Cyprus’ night life!

Get in touch with your local NEPOMAK representatives to find out how to attend our conference in the future.




An insight into NEPOMAK Conference by Despina Papantoniou

When I was told I would be given the opportunity to attend the NEPOMAK conference at the Hilton in Nicosia, no one would reject it. Let’s face it, my biggest concern over the 5 days would be which outfit I should wear - it isn’t every day that you get to meet the President of Cyprus.

Due to the fact that fortunately my parents were never affected by the Turkish invasion into the occupied area, I have never got too involved with the specifics of the issue. This was the perfect opportunity for me to get a more comprehensive understanding of the issues that Cyprus faced, and how we as Cypriot youths living abroad could contribute to the solution. Even more so, to be given the opportunity to attend discussions between the major political parties of Cyprus, attend meetings with the High Commissioner of the UK and attend a reception at the Presidential palace was the essence of making any Yiayia proud.

One of Cyprus’s main attractions is its night life, and we MOST definitely were not going to give that aspect of conference a skip. “Blinkers” was given a complete eye opener when 60 delegates took over their club, got up onto the tables and danced the night away to the latest Greek tracks. In those few hours 4 continents became one and there was no differentiation between the 6 countries present because no matter where you were born, being Cypriot, we all shared the same passion “na diaskethasoume”. Bouzoukia at “Pente Ogdo” was no exception, with the “real” men and some woman of course, starting off the night with Ouzo shots and taking to the dance floor with the FUNDAMENTAL drunk mans’ dance – The Zembekiko.
I can only hope that everyone will at some point get the opportunity to partake in this remarkable initiative and get to experience what I did. Conference by day, party by night!