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The aim of is to bring together young Cypriots from across the UK to promote and celebrate Cypriot culture, heritage and encourage networking amongst its members.

This is achieved through numerous social, cultural and networking events, ranging from club nights, boat parties and summer balls, to arranging visits from Cypriot cultural groups and organising large networking evenings for young Cypriot professionals and business people. also works to promote Cypriot culture to UK communities, as well as promoting the peaceful solution to the Cyprus problem.

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Upcoming Events BOAT PARTY 24th JUNE 2017

An unforgettable boat cruise on the river Thames through the capital, casting an eye on all the spectacular views and scenery London has to offer with a back drop of DJ Kypros' modern Greek and English beats. Please look at our Facebook page for more info!

Ticket Prices:
Early Bird Ticket £20 - 
Standard Ticket £25 - 
Please note that you must be over the age of 18. ID required when boarding. hosts a variety of events ranging from cultural and educational events such as visits to museums, hosting panel discussions and language lessons, to social nights out, charity events and meet ups, to well-attending networking events for young professionals.

We are constantly looking to organise and host more events of different varieties, if you have any ideas please do get involved! Committee 2016-7:

Harry Charalambous (President) 
Christos Tuton (Vice-President)
Mary Savvides (Secretary)
Constantine Alexandrou (Treasurer)
Antonia Michaelides (Global President)
Raphael Gregorian (Social Media Coordinator)
Pietra Asprou (NDCP Coordinator)
Georgios Michaelides (Global NCCT Coordinator)
Stephanos Ioannou
Xenia Koumi
Despina Lazarou
Maria Lazarou
Christina Nicolaou
Xenios Matjilla
Georgie Taylor
Raphael Jordanou
Kyri Koumi
George Yiakoumi
Andreas Lambis
Florentinos Mela
Elle Zacharia
Gregory Demou

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We have recently started up an Newsletter which is sent once every two months about verying topics of interesting from politics, to food, to the local community!
If you would like to contribute and have your work read by thousands, get in touch!

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Hear what our members have to say
"NEPOMAK is the extended family that reconnected me to my Cypriot roots, meeting the most amazing people on the planet. We have a lot of fun together. They rock, that's how they roll." – Mus Kulle
"NEPOMAK is a wonderful organisation because it brings together young Cypriots from across the UK and across the world, building strong friendships and connections. This has helped me to appreciate the amazing Cypriot community and will hopefully make it stronger and an important part of all our lives in the future." – Christos Tuton

"NEPOMAK started as an experiment 13 years ago and now has become an internationally recognised global phenomenon. It has been an immense honour to be on the journey with NEPOMAK all these years. Personally, I've made some of my closest friends through the organisation and am immensely proud of the work we do to maintain our Cypriot identity and to keep the Cyprus issue alive, amongst the younger generation of Cypriots born outside the island" – Christos Karaolis
"For me the best part of Nepomak is how it connects Cypriots from across the globe that wouldn’t otherwise have met. Since joining the UK committee back in 2010 (I’m old) I have been on Nepomak trips to South Africa and Australia and made many new friends along the way, even improving my Greek a little bit as well! I am now the global social media coordinator for Nepomak so make sure you are following our accounts! (@NEPOMAK)" – Stephanos Habeshis
"Nepomak has given me the opportunity to get involved in the Cypriot community and has introduced me to many people I can now call friends: friends who share the shame thoughts, cultural values, and stories of overfeeding by grandmothers." – Raphael Gregorian
"Getting involved with Nepomak has helped me make life-long friends and the funniest memories. Also, events like the Nepomak networking drinks gave me a valuable opportunity to discuss my future career and get advice from those already in that field." – Mary Savvides
“Joining Nepomak was one of the best things I've done. I've had the opportunity to meet so many lovely people, and make so many friends from all over the world” – Maria Lazarou
“I am originally from Adelaide in Australia but have just recently moved over to the UK. I have been involved in NEPOMAK (Australia) since I took part in NEPOMAK Discover Cyprus Program (NDCP) in 2011. Since then I have been lucky enough to be involved in the organisation of the NEPOMAK Executive Council meeting in Australia in 2013/2014 whilst also helping with the organisation of NEPOMAK Australia's yearly summit meetings. I encourage other people to get involve, by applying for NDCP and being active in their local Cypriot community. Connecting with young Cypriots that I now call my best friends and family from around the globe is truly a unique quality of NEPOMAK that I’m glad to be a part of.  For me it wasn’t all about meeting young Cypriots but awakening the passion for Cyprus that my family has and that I wanted to discover.  NEPOMAK has opened my eyes to the Cyprus problem and to the beauties that Cyprus has/offers, opened my mouth as I am now able to communicate with my grandparents and extended family in Cyprus, and more importantly opened my stomach to all things Cypriot!  I am now even more proud to call myself a Cypriot and proud to promote Cypriot history and the identity, as I’m sure you all are!” – Harry Georgiou

"Nepomak has done wonders bringing the young Cypriots of the world together, through culture, history, and language. It gave me the opportunity to participate in NDCP which was a life changing experience. To the nights we'll never remember, with the friends we'll never forget" – Dino Theocharous
"NEPOMAK is about unity and support, it's about never forgetting where we came from and meeting like-minded friends all around the world.” – Elena Nicola