NEPOMAK South Africa - About Us

The Cypriot Youth Association (CYA) is a body representative of The Cypriot Youth of South Africa.

We function primarily as an organization geared towards maintaining a link between the authorities and other Hellenic Associations in order to ensure that the youth are heard in order to help mould our changing society.

Above all, we seek to establish a culture of involvement and awareness amongst the youth, in a bid toward the enhanced development of future leaders.

Being of Cypriot descent, we strive for the solution of the Cyprus issue. Part of our activities include: marching to the Turkish Embassy in Pretoria, attending meetings on the subject and holding memorial services for the 20 July invasion.

CYA is a representative of patriotism. Our goals are to benefit those who need our help in the form of charity work. We also aim to promote Hellenism and unity amongst the youth of South Africa.

How do we plan to do this? Our agenda for the year is filled with many interesting events, including:

·       Sold out Greek socials

·       Under 18 social Gatherings

·       Bowling evenings

·       Tavli competitions

·       Panigiri

·       Movie premieres

·       Comedy evenings

·       Paintball days

·       Santa Shoebox charity drive

And the list goes on …


Our team comprises of these Committee Members:

 President: Litsa Kapareliotis
Vice President: Alyssa Kleovoulou
Treasurer: Philippos Kitsopoulos 
Public Relations Officer: Marina Prodromos
Secretary: Heliodora de Lima
General members:
-Alexi Philippou
-Anthea Frangos
-Dimitris Georgiou
-Dimitris Protopappas
-Maria Chrisostomou
-Mikella Killas
-Stavi Kolatsis