NEPOMAK is a member to the World Federation of Overseas Cypriots (POMAK) which seeks to coordinate the global activities of NEPOMAK and PSEKA (The International Coordinating Committee, Justice for Cyprus). Working with these partners, NEPOMAK seeks to promote Cypriot history and culture amongst the diaspora and promote the just struggle of the people of Cyprus to find a just and viable solution to the Cyprus problem.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The general purpose of the Service for Overseas Cypriots is to ensure continuous and close contact with Overseas Cypriots and the preservation of their national identity, religion and cultural heritage, to maintain their love and interest in Cyprus and to assist with their problems and needs.


The Youth Board of Cyprus is NEPOMAK’s main sponsor and seeks to promote the needs of young Cypriots across the globe so that they may live in a socially free, fair and creative society.


The University of Cyprus is Cyprus's premier educational establishment. It conducts intensive language courses during the summer open to overseas Cypriots.


The Open University of Cyprus is a State Institution of Higher Education that offers undergraduate and graduate courses, as well as training and vocational programs using a certain style of learning which is called “open and distance learning”, the purpose of which is to satisfy the demand for lifelong learning and continuing education.


The mission of the Press and Information Office is to inform world opinion on the Cyprus problem and to promote Cyprus, abroad. Its mission is also to inform the Cypriot people about the work and the development plans and activities of the government.

SAE Youth

NEPOMAK has formed a close partnership with the youth of the World Council of Overseas Hellenes. We work closely with SAE youth to promote common Hellenic issues.


SAE’s main goal is to bring together the Greeks of the Diaspora creating a global Network aimed at planning and materializing programmes for the benefit of the Omogeneia.


NEPOMAK has formed a close partnership with CYTA and CYTA UK (CYTAs operations in the UK). CYTA's generous support of NEPOMAK activities include our annual global conferences in Cyprus (as our Official Telecommunications Provider) and other ongoing activities. For more information about CYTA visit: