NEPOMAK Rest of Africa

NEPOMAK Rest of Africa is the newest branch of the NEPOMAK global body. It was initiated after being represented for the first time at the Executive Council Conference in Cyprus in 2009.

The aim of the committee has been to carry NEPOMAK’s constitutional objectives to the Cypriot youth of the continent outside of South Africa. However, as the interim committee is based in Zimbabwe, the focus up to now has been on the Zimbabwean youth, whilst establishing communication with its neighboring countries of Zambia and Botswana.

In Zimbabwe, we have a great relationship with our parent body and have assisted at all functions in getting the youth involved as well as facilitating a fundraising scheme which was successful in raising funds towards the NEPOMAK Victoria falls excursion.

In January 2012 we even had the pleasure and privilege of hosting international members of NEPOMAK for a three night getaway to our beautiful Victoria Falls. Among the 16 guests were the president of NEPOMAK along with the heads of Australia, America, and the United Kingdom. The excursion provided a positive step in the development of a more formal Cypriot Youth Organization within Zimbabwe.

NEPOMAK Rest of Africa remains a proud body of NEPOMAK and is very grateful for its continued support, and will stay committed to helping it achieve all of its objectives and programs with the greatest success.