What is NEPOMAK?

NEPOMAK is a global organisation run by young Cypriots, for young Cypriots with the aim of connecting young Cypriots. Through our activities and events we aim to promote and preserve our Cypriot heritage, culture and language in the diaspora and also to help support a just and viable solution to the Cyprus issue.

How many members does NEPOMAK have?

NEPOMAK has a global network of 15,000 young Cypriots across our eight regions around the world.

What are the benefits of being a member of NEPOMAK?

Registering for membership is quick and free. Once you are a member we will send you regular updates so you can make the most of your membership to:

- Meet young Cypriots (and make lifelong friends!) in your country and globally

- Take part in our unique events and programmes

- Learn more about Cyprus, our history, culture and language

- Benefit from local initiatives (for example - the UK Members Discount Card)

Who can become a member of NEPOMAK?

Anybody aged 18-30 with at least one Cypriot grandparent who lives outside Cyprus is entitled to become a member of NEPOMAK.

Is it free to become a member of NEPOMAK?

Membership is absolutely free. And what's more we promise not to sell on your details to any third parties or marketing agencies. Your data will just be used by us to keep you up to date about our latest activities.

How do I become a member of NEPOMAK?

Simply register today  for free membership here and join our social network by clicking "Sign Up" to meet other young Cypriots in your country.

Can I get more involved in NEPOMAK? 

Absolutely! We are always looking for more people to get involved and help out. Click here to read more about what people have got out of being involved in NEPOMAK

Is NEPOMAK a political organisation?

No. As NEPOMAK we are not affiliated to any political party or organisation. We support the democratically elected government in Cyprus (whichever political party is in government)

How is NEPOMAK funded?

NEPOMAK is funded in three ways: fundraising events to support our activities (e.g. club nights, football tournaments); donations and sponsorship from businesses and individuals; our global initiatives (e.g. NDCP and conference) are supported by the Youth Board of Cyprus and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Cyprus).