NEPOMAK / Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation (CSEO) Internships 2017

NEPOMAK is proud to partner with the CSEO, an NGO established by key international people in industry and academia, based in Cyprus. It promotes scientific research and development in the field of space exploration and enhances and actively develops the local space industry, leading to the advancement of high-tech industry and collaboration with other space-faring nations in the scientific, space and planetary missions.
NEPOMAK and the CSEO are proud to present for the first time this year, a series of internships taking place from June-August 2017 at the CSEO Education Centre in Cyprus. This is a unique opportunity to eligible NEPOMAK members to gain hands on experience working alongside experts on a number of space outreach campaigns, that ignite innovation and technological growth and have impressive results of public benefit.

In order to be eligible to apply, candidates must:
  • Be a current, registered member of NEPOMAK (its quick, easy and free to sign up online)
  • Possess certain skills/education if required for the particular position (see below description for further information). 
Application process:

To be considered for an internship, candidates must complete our online application form before the deadline of 1 May 2016. Short-listed candidates will be invited to interview. 

Click here to access the online application form to apply for any of the internships offered by NEPOMAK and the CSEO. 

The internships are unpaid and will be required to organise and fund their own accommodation, medical insurance, and other expenses during the course of the internship. 

For further information, please e-mail

Available Internship Opportunities

CSEO is more than just astronauts. They are scientists, engineers, lawyers, writers, technicians, film makers, co-ordinators, marketers, and many, many other kinds of people. There are a number of internship positions available in a number of sectors.

Internship Description Dates Specific Requirements
CSEO Ambassador Internship  The CSEO Ambassadors will be the team leaders for the internship period, and most importantly after their training and their successful appointment as Ambassadors of CSEO, they will continue to represent CSEO internationally and build the Space Future of Cyprus. 1st June - 21 August 2017 (possibly longer)  Leadership skills
Legal Assistance Internship To aid CSEO in legal matters such as generating and organising Memorandums of Understanding with CSEO's associates, as well as being part of CSEO's legal assistance team. 15th June 2017 (minimum 6 weeks) Legal education/experience will be of assistance. 
Communications Internship To be involved in business communications and the distribution of information in commercial fields, particularly with international organisations and space faring countries.  15th June 2017 (minimum 6 weeks) Knowledge of commercial communications will be of assistance.
Copernicus Academy Network Administrator Organisation of focus groups in Cyprus to identify Environmental, Industrial and Civil needs that can be solved with satellite data from Earth Observation and Monitoring. The focus group results will be used by Training and R&D groups to stimulate individuals and innovation start-ups to utilise space technologies in order to solve problems on earth. 15th June 2017 (minimum 6 weeks) Leadership skills

Education and Outreach:
Internship Description Dates Specific Requirements
Trainer/Educator  Assistant Trainers and Educators at CSEO education facilities (schooling) or other outreach events, spreading space and science education, assisting/giving public lectures, as well as the creation of training materials for schools. The continuation of tasks after the internship period is possible. 15th June 2017 (minimum 6 weeks) Knowledge in education techniques will be of assistance.
NASA / ESA Trainer Assistant  To assist established NASA and ESA professionals in the training of industry related fields. Great opportunity to receive training under the best space experts in the world. 15th June 2017 (minimum 6 weeks) Academic knowledge in a scientific or engineering topic or education techniques will be of assistance.
Summer "Mission X" Coordinators The Summer "Mission X" Programme is a high profile and unique CSEO, NASA and ESA partnership activity to provide education, training and stimulate innovation. This programme is geared towards summer schools and out of school space clubs. 15th June 2017 (minimum 6 weeks) Knowledge in education techniques will be of assistance.
Copernicus Academy Network Internship To assist in the education and training of the local space industry and/or innovation start-ups. Building on the results of the focus groups in (4) above, this group will train innovative start-ups/teams/companies and individuals in utilising space/satellite data in preparation of the activities of the Research & Development group, below, in order to optimally use space data in software and other earthbound space solutions. 15th June 2017 (minimum 6 weeks) Minimum 2 years in a Scientific or Engineering degree.

Promotion and Marketing:
Internship Description Dates Specific Requirements
Editorial/Copywriting Internship Writing articles and publications, that will be distributed through all media outlets of CSEO, such as website, newspapers, social media and magazines. These will be covering space news, CSEO activities and events. It may also involve augmenting CSEO's website functionality. 15th June 2017 (minimum 6 weeks) Writing skills will be of assistance.
Graphic Design Internship The creation and design of CSEO Promotional magazines and leaflets. 15th June 2017 (minimum 6 weeks) Creative skills and graphic design knowledge will be of assistance.
Film Production Internship The creation and editing of audiovisual material and documentaries for television and internet display. 15th June 2017 (minimum 6 weeks) Knowledge in multimedia, filming and audiovisual skills will be of assistance.
Marketing Internship To assist and organise sponsorship and marketing programmes and strategies. 15th June 2017 (minimum 6 weeks) Knowledge in marketing, advertising, business, finance will be of assistance.

Design and Research:
Internship Description Dates Requirements
Space Center Design and Physical Modelling Internship The interior design and physical modelling of exhibits as well as improvement and expansion of the space centre itself.  15th June 2017 (minimum 6 weeks) Knowledge of interior design and creative skills will be of assistance.
Research and Publication Internship The authoring and publication of academic papers as well as the participating in research. Results to be presented at COSPAR Scientific Assembly.  15th June 2017 (minimum 6 weeks) Minimum 2 years in a Scientific or Engineering degree. Knowledge in programming languages such as MATLAB will be of assistance.
Copernicus Academy Network -Research & Development Internship Building on the results of the focus groups in above, and the training of teams on the use of space/satellite data, these activities will develop software, engineering and other earthbound space solutions that optimally use space data in solving earthbound problems that were identified during the focus group sessions. 15th June 2017 (minimum 6 weeks) Minimum 1 year in a Scientific or Engineering degree. Computing or Earth Observational skills will be of assistance.
Robotics and CubeSats Internship Participation and assistance in the design and construction of robotic and spacecraft technologies, to be launched into space with CSEO partners. Possibility to become a full time intern. 1st June - 21 August 2017 (possibly longer) Minimum 1 year into Electrical or Computer Engineering degree. Due to the confidential nature of the programme, candidates may be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Commitment to the programme may extend past the summer, even from abroad and may include further travel.

Astrocamp Programme

All interns are eligible to participate in Astrocamp after the end of the internships, where they can relax, share their internship experiences, learn about the stars and the sky, listen to space stories and enjoy the end of the summer under the starry skies of Cyprus. The Astrocamp programme is an exciting camping experience set in the Troodos Mountains where participants enjoy stargazing through telescopes guided by expert astronomers and space scientists. Each night CSEO experts will cover a different space topic and around August 12 everyone can enjoy the famous Perseid Meteor Shower - an event that will be covered by the media.     

Duration: 5th August 2017 - 20th August 2017 
Requirements: None.