About NEPOMAK.aus&nz

NEPOMAK.aus&nz prides itself on being one of the most active and energetic members of the global NEPOMAK family, despite our geographical distance from Cyprus. We’re about creating awareness of the issues that concern the youth of our community as well as providing social events that bring people together. We organise a number of events throughout the year, such as Greek nights and an annual Summit, sporting events including football tournaments and assist in the organisation and running of community wine festivals and Hellenic Paniyiria. We also provide programmes for members to learn about the Greek language and Cypriot culture. These programmes are often run in association with the University of Cyprus and the Cypriot Government, including our flagship NEPOMAK Discover Cyprus Programme (NDCP).

Membership is free and open to all young people of Cypriot descent between the ages of 18 and 30. 

A brief history

NEPOMAK.aus&nz was inaugurated on Friday 30th January 2004. The Executive Committee is made up of (but is not limited to) members of local Cypriot youth organisations. Each local youth body organises events within their respective regions and they all come together at various times throughout the year to meet as a national body. NEPOMAK.aus&nz’s most important role is to coordinate national and international events and programmes and provide the leadership and assistance to local youth organisations to build their membership from the grass roots. We aim to provide members the opportunity to learn about their heritage in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere.

Our aims

  • to preserve our cultural roots and ethnic identity by bringing together the young Cypriots of our community. We as the diaspora face many challenges in maintaining our identity. Because of the relative isolation of some overseas Cypriot communities and limited access to resources, young Cypriots don’t often get exposure to their cultural heritage or the opportunity to mingle with young people of a similar background. Through NEPOMAK’s programmes and events, we aim to create opportunities for young people to come together through mediums which we can all relate to such as education, music, dancing and sport.

  • to provide support for local youth organisations. As an overarching national body, which is part of a wider global community, NEPOMAK.aus&nz provides a framework for local youth organisations to come together on a national level, and to form connections with communities abroad. As part of a global organisation, NEPOMAK.aus&nz is able to provide local youth organisations access to resources and international programmes such as NDCP, thereby feeding back into the local membership base.

  • to create awareness about the Cyprus issue. Despite all the publications which circulate, we feel there is a lack of appropriate knowledge sources that young Cypriots of the Diaspora can turn to for information on the Cyprus issue. As the events of 1974 fade further away into the past, vital elements of our history and heritage risk being lost. We believe that our history is an important part of who we are and that young people should have the opportunity to learn about it. NEPOMAK.aus&nz utilizes the resources it has at its disposal, and actively seeks opportunities to run workshops and lectures at both a local and national level to assist young Cypriots to develop a clear understanding of the Cyprus issue, why it exists and the history behind it.

An Overview of Our Structure

NEPOMAK.aus&nz is the Australian and New Zealand member organisation to NEPOMAK and holds three of the twenty-two NEPOMAK Executive Council seats. The President of NEPOMAK.aus&nz has a permanent position as Vice-President on the NEPOMAK Executive Council.

The NEPOMAK.aus&nz Executive Council is made up of representatives of local Cypriot youth organisations, and other active young Cypriots. NEPOMAK.aus&nz holds an annual AGM and elections are held bi-annually. NEPOMAK.aus&nz and its member organsiations hold regular events and would love to see you there.
NEPOMAK.aus&nz strategy to meet our aims

  • Building a membership base with local communities in Australia and New Zealand

  • Maintaining and cultivating a strong team

  • Finding innovative ways to communicate and keep members connected and informed

  • Maintaining an active and productive organisational culture

NEPOMAK.aus&nz Executive Committee 2014-2016

President: Dimitri Nicolaou (QLD)

Vice President: Michael Christodoulides (NSW)

Secretary: Mary Paradissis (QLD)

Treasurer: Abraam Gregoriou (VIC)

Assistant Secretary & NDCP Co-Ordinator: Panayiota Zambas (QLD)

Media & Government Relations: Pending

EC Members

  • Evette Christofides
  • Nikki Nicola 
  • Symeon Papa-Adams
  • Chris Theodoulou
  • Fotini Kazakeou
  • Mario Fitirikkos
  • Zoero Theoharou